Hey, I’m Dom.

I’m a London-based graphic designer and photographer.

Whether capturing the essence of a product or sculpting your brand's visual identity, my goal is to help your business create experiences that resonate.

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My Journey

October, 2022

Stepping into the Brand Designer role at Piclo in late 2022 was a big jump. Immersing myself in an unfamiliar sector while adapting to the ways of working at a larger scale up brought new and exciting challenges.

I'm proud to say as part of the team, I'm helping lead the charge in creating smart, flexible, and sustainable energy systems; channeling my passion for design into projects that matter has truly realised a long-held aspiration.

Piclo Website
September, 2021
CareerPoint logo

I started working as the in-house graphic designer for CareerPoint, a virtual career coaching platform, in September 2021. I took over responsibilities from the marketing agency that CareerPoint had previously been working with.

I worked on a number of diverse initiatives, from marketing campaigns to elevating sales presentations, finessing capital-raising pitch decks to enriching client engagement materials. One of my largest projects was to lead on a comprehensive website overhaul, working with a dedicated team of developers, to better mirror the innovative spirit of CareerPoint's career coaching services.

"Dom is a phenomenally talented graphic designer who is responsive, hard-working, eager to learn, and easy to work with. He will be an asset to any team lucky enough to have him."

Steve McIntosh, MBA, FCA
CEO & Co-founder, Careerpoint

Careerpoint Website
February, 2019
August. 2021
Piloti logo

In early 2019, I started work as an in-house designer at an established footwear brand, Piloti.

Making up half of the Creative team, I worked directly with the Creative Director on creating digital and print brand assets for the D2C company, as well as designing and building the website. I also photographed the ecommerce and lifestyle imagery for use on the social channels and website.

I learned more than I could have imagined over the three and a half years of working there, predominantly thanks to the Creative Director (and my unofficial mentor), James Bleakley.

Thank you to Jamie, Stephanie and everyone else who made my time at Piloti so special!

"Dom is an extremely talented graphic designer with so much more to offer. My experience working with Dom was exceptional. Always bringing a positive attitude to each and every project and challenge. From graphic design, to photography Dom always put his best foot forward and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Dom to anyone looking to grow their team."

James Bleakley
Creative Director, Piloti Shoes

Piloti Website
December, 2018

Stepping into Design at Party Pieces

Landed my first design role with Party Pieces, diving into product artwork and catalogue design. Here, I honed my project management skills, juggling multiple tasks in a bustling creative environment.

Party Pieces Website
October, 2018

First Web Design Project

For my debut project, I built a portfolio site for James Boyd, a virtuoso guitarist and speaker. The journey was challenging with WordPress hurdles, but it led me to a revelation—Webflow, a tool that changed my design process.

James' Website
A screenshot of James Boyd's website.
September, 2018

First* Logo Project


A friend of mine was writing a script for a short film, “Submarine Man”. I had taken an online Illustrator course and wanted to see if I could put what I had learned to practise.

June, 2017

Graduated From University of Nottingham

I studied Biology at uni. Although I loved the subject, no profession jumped out at me as something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Armed with a Biology degree and a fervor for photography, my career took a creative leap.

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